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PK Jazz Collective — The Farewell

«The Farewell» LP by Pk jazz Collective is the compilation of songs about love and its faces. Different types of feeling that makes our world alive arrayed in musical form. From old blues standards through the classical song of The Doors to modern pop songs of famous young singer Austin Mahone, covered by jazz-rock musicians from the distant Astrakhan.

All lyrics by Pk jazz Collective expt.
Kindhearted Woman, Love In Vain by Robert Johnson
Maggie M'Gill by Robby Krieger
What About Love by Austin Mahone
Artwork by Vyacheslav Korotin
Booklet by Maksim Parasjukov


01. - Desert
02. - Don't Want You To Be Mine
03. - Feel The Sorrow (Of Tomorrow)
04. - Kindhearted Woman
05. - Bird In A Cage
06. - Sticky Fingers
07. - Losing My Life
08. - Maggie M'Gill
09. - Look Into My Eyes
10. - Love In Vain
11. - What About Love

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