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VA — Karmatonic Vol.2

Karmatonic Vol. 2 is a fresh collection of experimental electronic tunes from Karmatonic Records, a music label mainly featuring artists from the nations of the former USSR. Inspired by vibrations from space and the far parts of planet Earth, we are focused on producing quality music in the domains of IDM, glitch, ambient, noise, and acid, balancing light and darkness to show the divine beauty of the universe and its deepest horrors at the same time.


1.Effectator - Cosmic Waterfall 03:50
2.Medkit - Remission 03:54
3.Kristina Aqua - Moonwalker 07:45
4.Hobotek - Uk 05:30
5.Unlogic Thing - Aorta 06:11
6.Atma Moon - Dream Illusion 04:16
7.Q-Beast - Carousel Syndrome 07:00
8.Galvanek - Orphan 04:56
9.Plandercozeron and Orgatanatos - Ascension 06:12
10.Technoid Mutant - Farewell Feelings 03:25

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