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Just Aum — Inverted Feelings

We are proud to present 'Inverted Feelings', the second EP by Just AUM, an upcoming producer from Russia, who takes influences from IDM, psybient, dub, minimal, new age, and glitch.
Inverted Feelings is a story about one's feelings and emotions. Starting with pain and doubt, learning to understand oneself, the growth of consciousness and comprehension, and the peace of mind that follows.
The release features ethnic instruments, glitchy drums and smooth synths woven together into a rich tapestry that will leave you keen for more.
released 13 October 2012
Written and produced by Olga Tarakanova
Mastering by Max Quality


1.Call Of The Soul 04:40
2.Absolute Tranquility 05:50
3.Inversion 07:05

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