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Rigel Centaurus — Зона обитаемости (Area of Habitat)

The time has come to leave the dear planet and human slipped from the cradle of Earth to lay the path to far stars. Floating through dimensions on the wings of light the man draws his mind and creativity to new worlds transforming them into the glorious islands of life in full swing. All these unseen wonders are perfectly created using deep complex soundscapes mixed with endless drones and eternal calmness.


01 - Расставание с Землей 1-2 (Farewell to Earth 1-2) (23:25)
02 - Червоточина (Wormhole) (12:57)
03 - Поиск разума (Searching for Intellect) (10:34)
04 - Стадо атмосферных гигантов (Flock of Atmospheric Giants) (9:30)
05 - Чужой пейзаж (Alien Scenery) (7:43)

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