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Kislorod XV — Acid IDM for Bicycle Trip

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Kislorod XV — Acid IDM for Bicycle Trip

This show is specially selected for bicycle trip . All Kislorod creators uses bicycles on dayly basis , and we think that this is most common vehicle for city.
This selection of IDM works also shows legendary Roland 303 synths ( Acid sound) influence on IDM and all electronic music .
For a desert we have some fresh tunes from new album of Squarepusher - one of IDM core authors.
Have a nice trip :)


Dave Monolith - Zunker
Dave Monolith - Airbrite
Jimmy Edgar - Wanna Do It
Mike Gao & Daisuke Tanabe - Futuristic Wife
Kritical Audio - Taipei
Last Step - Somno
Mr Bill - Tubes
Solar X - Acid For Mama
Xploding Plastix - Errata
Squarepusher - 303 Scopem Hard
Squarepusher - 4001
Fugenn & The White Elephants - Purify
Human Error - The Dna Is Doa
Jimmy Edgar - Lockgroove8

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