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mmpsuf — Retina

mmpsuf could be plainly labelled as an electro-acoustic project. It is made of layers of vocals, harmony, electronic off-beat and steady rhythms, all of which strangely make sense. But the beauty behind this lies in the imagery, spaces and stories, which emerge with it -- all so simple but so real.

Music is visible. Together with other objects of the outside world, it reaches the light- and beauty-sensitive cells, and surges its way to the mind. The mind, this light- and beauty-sensitive system, is always waiting.

I say I don't believe in Gods, but I think I can hear them. In the crowds, in your pain and in this music inside us. I say I don't believe in Gods, but when they want us to meet them, they're screaming so loud trying to remind us the fog we are in.

We are the light - and beauty-sensitive system, we are the sensitive network: Gods' retina. mmpsuf album *Retina* is dedicated to beauty. No mater how sad.

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