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Zeuge — More Deeply

Abstrakt Reflections is happy to represent one of the most cold and atmospheric albums of this winter by producer Zeuge - "More Deeply". Emerging from numerous parties and festivals, Zeuge's sound transformed from straightforward and simple-structured hardcore and breakcore to something extremely tasty. Constructing cold atmospheres, dead beats out of tons of well designed sound, this programmer and composer from the north of Russia represents a kaleidoscope of sonic expressions.

For Dmitry this album is some kind of trespass from the land of well defined signatures to the new territories, more imaginary and less evident. On this unknown landscapes Zeuge finds everything he needs for his unique sound, reworking samples and synthetic lines into sonic bombs. Analogue basses surrounded by textured atmospheres and voices of unseen creatures transform into machine beats and nostalgic melodies.

Album itself is the strongest illustration of tendency to complex form and sound design. From massive beats and energy of first tracks like "Irritation" to more experimental sound pictures in the middle ("Feelers" as example) to quiet complex and even tender songs like "Falling" in the end. As a bonus and sign of musical affinity, album includes 2 split works with Tim Ballista, presenting mutual interpretations of 2 very different tracks. This album will be the best present in 2012 for all ambient, IDM and Hard-IDM lovers, presenting an emotional and audacious view of these styles.

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01. Circle
02. Irritation
03. Have a nice day
04. More Deeply (Tim Ballista Remix)
05. Asequence
06. Cockroach and bad mood
07. Exit
08. Feelers
09. Fragments
10. Let me see this done by you
11. Tim Ballista - Meat Pie (Zeuge Remix)
12. More Deeply
13. Falling
14. Visions

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