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Synthetic Violence — XXVIII VI MCMXCII

Synthetic Violence is the musician of a rare sonic gift. Releasing his 5th album called "XXVIII VI MCMXCII" Igors once again shows his ability to be very different and very innovative. 10 tracks take you away to the universe of autumn love. Gentle melodies, surrounded by distorted and impressively mixed beats give you the picture of liminal space of love and beauty. Every moment of this album is important and every melody will touch deeply your heart.

To make the album a bit more extended, Igors asked several musicians to rework and rearrange his songs. The album finishes with 6 wonderful remixes from best producers of dark electronica. Access to Arasaka, Tapage, VNDL and others ask you to stay a bit longer in this sensitive world of sonic expressions. Remixes on the one hand focus on the vision of the producer of the album, on the other - show the originality of every single musician, who took part in the reworking of tracks. Access to Arasaka transforms the universe of track "Wintersun" into cybernetic manner, the remix from VNDL reconstructs noise beats into the living creature. This impressive gallery of tracks will make you feel safe, happy and nostalgic. Do not miss it!


01. Breath Me In
02. Art.July
03. One Minute Apart
04. IAmYou
05. Wintersun
06. Connected
07. Morning Rain (Eyewater)
08. Crashing The Doors
09. Astronomical Poetry
10. Goodnight (Just A Dream)
11. Art.July (Tapage Remix)
12. IAmYou (Apparent Symmetry Remix)
13. Wintersun (Access to Arasaka Remix)
14. Connected (c0ma Remix)
15. Astronomical Poetry (VNDL Remix)
16. Goodnight (Tim Ballista Remix)

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