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Various Artists — Retrospective Zoology

Retroactive is a various artists compilation from Slovenian net label Retrospective Zoology.

Retrospective Zoology is precisly definde in each specific genre. Its basic structure remains the same but in the embrace of modern expression is expanding it's roots and ereasing boundaries. Always in relation to nature-animal-man, explores the instinctive behavior, initiated by the reaction of specific frequencies and has a decisive goal to influence on everyone. Restoring memorials of important milestones in the music and their creations and playing the role of facilitator from the past dictating the future.


1.Fingers In The Noise - Lost In The Freezing Fog
2.Giriu Dvasios - Kur Veda Misko Takai
3.D_e - Papillon
4.Teemu T - Instance
5.Ocralab - Algol
6.Fabio Scalabroni - Rainfloor
7.Dark Grey - Retroflector
8.Brickmann - Summer Float
9.Miko - PPG/9
10.Koalips - Sea Ghost

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