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Sgnl Fltr — Mtnada E.P.

'The tracks are the result of a certain mood, idle hands and an empty head - and this is probably reflected in them' states Danish producer Danny Kreutzfeldt about his first EP for YukiYaki. Perfectly right!
This Electronicaesque composed of fine cut Ambient sound imagery and IDM and Minimal House grooves does not require a huge philosophical backdrop behind each and every sonic transient. Under typical music-industrial circumstances four gloomy tracks named after Mesopotamian deities might have conjured up a lot of interpretations. But in this case we may just let the pictures arise in our audio-visual cortex without too much higher brain activity.
Though there is still some space for a little bit of brain juggling. For Danny himself 'Mount Nada' - as the EP’s title is pronounced correctly - plays with a little paradox: What exactly is a 'Mountain Of Nothing'?


01. Enki
02. Inanna
03. Aruru
04. Marduk

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