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Various Artists — Cut Volume 1

На новом лейбле «Cut», которым заведует музыкант DFRNT, вышел первый сборник.

Curated by DFRNT, comes 14 amazing bass-filled tracks costing absolutely nothing.
Dubstep, dub-techno, future garage and drum & bass.

Cut's first release is a statement of intent, a taster of what we have to come.
A cross-section of our sound, and a starting point for us to develop from.
Over an hour of incredible electronic music for free.
14 beautiful tracks covering deep dub-techno, dubstep, drum and bass, future garage and IDM.


01 Vax - Let's Go
02 Lostlojic - Give Me Love
03 Atomic Haze - Couchlocked
04 DFRNT - Going The Distance
05 Lush - Spatial Love
06 Lung - Whale Song
07 Klatu - Zealous
08 Mekha - Acufen
09 Myrkur - Transmission
10 Toffee - Milkshake
11 Jazzy Jazzy - Friends With Benefits
12 Nowan - Snowflakes
13 Vandera - India Joya (DnB Remix)
14 Oddisee feat. Oliver Daysoul - In The Now (Krts Remix)

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