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Outra-G — Light Drops EP

“Spanish artist Outra-g debuts on Soft Phase with a surpassingly lovely EP. “Light Drops” is a sonic tour of re-imagined lunar landscapes. We launch with shimmering, warbling chords and subsonic, throbbing bass, our engines humming as Outra-g flies us low over blinding white deserts, all sharp-edged shadows and faint radio chatter. Crackling, hissing wet percussion accompanies us as we skim across strange new jungles, dipping down to the edge of a glittering ocean, its churning tides foaming with electrofuzz. Steady, distorted beats and blips, like far-flung light drops from distant stars, rain down, softening the edges of ancient craters, gently reshaping the moon’s face.

The album closes with a look back at Earth, a fragile jewel hanging in velvet-black space, its jumble of clouds and whirlwinds slowly spinning across the deep blue.” — Joshua Saddler

Additional credits: Lyrics on track 8 by María Zambruno.

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