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Nic Bommarito — T27

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Nic Bommarito — T27

Nic Bommarito is a talented musician from a small city in the near distance to Detroit, Michigan. He lists Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai, Arvo Pärt, The Album Leaf, Do Make Say Think, Perplexa, Fugazi among his influences and he previously released his beautiful music via fantastic 12rec netlabel. All the albums and EPs are also available on free download on his website.

T27 is an hypnotic 18 minutes-long track featuring the violin by Michael Connolly. Nic is moving today to Nepal. Enjoy the long journey.

The title of the track “T27″ is the number of the train from Beijing to Lhasa. It’s very long, about 48 hours and when I rode it I had no place to sleep so by the end I would drift in and out. I think the song is a bit like that train ride: a bit too long, sometimes noisy, sometimes boring, but a pleasant experience overall.


1. Nic Bommarito – T27 (17:48)

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потрясающая работа!

Хорошая музыка, только звук мутноватый.