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r.roo — Into A Cloud

r.roo music is all about northern wind gusts, hopeless sky, gloomy clouds and despairing drops raining. Clouds all below, the swarms fall down, heavy, pressing, rain binds and thunder makes deaf. Your body is dipped in cold flow, your motions slow down, you can no longer control yourself.High keynotes interfere with drops, lacerated sounds and grinding. Everything mixes; and now you are integral with music. You are a huge royal wave. Sometimes it seems that the creator of this groaning world just makes fun of it. It seems unusual and strange to hear hopeful faint notes in this slough delirium, as if sky is hesitantly pierced by the rays of a sun. Eventually, sun rises and clashes with a stream you drown in. You are blinded but the flow retreats in dread. But can you hold on, choking and waiting for the dawn? you never know how the battle ends. Anyway this sullen world will push you out at the most interesting moment to leave you ignorant.

First comes the music. Then the words appear.

Также есть FLAC


01. My
02. world
03. transformed
04. into a cloud
05. to scatter
06. dreams
07. and toughts
08. to drops
09. at dawn
10. of autumn
11. sun.

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Величественно и депрессивно. Понравилось. Только болтовни местами многовато. Особенно достал декадент-шизофреник с "вперемешку с овощами" :)