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id Submerged — The Answer

“id Submerged debuts on Soft Phase with an entrancing ambient journey. The Answer
presents a series of half-remembered moments, the night’s fitful dreams balanced by the new
day’s order and peace.

id Submerged loops and blends gentle rasping beats, slow-morphing chorus, bent pitches,
sonorous drones and muted snippets of conversation. Sinewaves pulse and warp into infinity
as bright pinpricks of percussion cast dappled shadows against the morning calm. Synths call
and answer across widely spaced puddles of color, glitch-beat waterdrops reflecting the clouds
drifting across the skies.

The Answer is slow, comfortable, glowing. Like wrapping up in a blanket with a mug of hot tea,
listening to the rain beat against the window, as half-remembered scenes play against the mind’s
eye. Other times, other places, other people. Quiet melodies and chilly backgrounds melt into a
warm, drowsy syrup oozing across the senses; heavy, soothing, familiar.” — Joshua Saddler

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