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SpeaK — Once Nomadic

A change of pace for release 297, and SpeaK returns with a massive 16 tracks of audio treats, totalling 48 minutes.

Since his previous release back at #228, his style seems to have evolved with a far more advanced and smoother production compared to the slightly oldskool beats of 'Mindsplit'.

With 'Once Nomadic', SpeaK has created a gem of flowing, ambience intermixed with occasional addictive melodies and swirling complexities. The first three tracks set the theme for the whole album, I love it here triggering a sense of calm and quietness, leading onto Crepuscular Rays with its mix of guitars (a good combination).

Many tracks worth listening to in this release, but probably my favourite has to be 'Pulsating' coming in at position 4. Cover artwork by Jackie Brown Videocake.tv


01. Love it here
02. Crepuscular rays
03. Droned to death
04. Pulsating
05. Nobody to share with
06. Drowning peacefully
07. Treehouse dawn
08. Underwater tunnel
09. The sun resonates with you
10. Dying brahmin
11. Two thoughts intertwine
12. No matter what I do
13. Shining through
14. As quiet as you
15. Omieondo
16. Choose a different road

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