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Various Artists — Deeper Shades (vol.2)

This is the second chapter of Deeper shades, this time dedicated to the genres of music very popular in uk and less in our country (Italy).. we are talking about electronic dub, dubstep and IDM. In fact, in this compilation, the England (of our friends Dieter stijl) calls Italy, and Italy responded from north to south with powerful bass lines dark and very short and syncopated rhythms with deep sounds. From the axis Rovigo-Bologna we have “Dubhash“ and “Kreyk“ with their so hard Dub-Step and an idm with ambient-dub influences that alternates strong and soft sounds at the same time. From the other part of Italian peninsula, between Naples and Caserta, “Dubbemo“, “Oren bleeps“ and “Remote guest list“ offer three tracks with a genre between the “Mediterranean dub“, “experimental dubstep“ and a very special 2step. You just have to listen.


1. Kreyk - Cryptйe
2. Dubbemo - Beat
3. Dieter Stijl - Defected Master
4. Dubhash - Give Me A Dubplate
5. Oren bleeps - Night Elevator
6. Remote Guest List - Treasure Pleasure

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