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Benjamin Dauer — Burning Of Wine

Benjamin Dauer is a Washington, D.C based musician and composer who has most recently been working on scores for choreographed modern dance pieces. He has previously released on Distance as part of the duo Offsets, a long distance collaboration with Scottish musician Dominic Dixon.

‘Burning of Wine’ is his debut album under his own name and was recorded especially for Distance. The album is both spacious and subdued, and this is contrasted with moments of dense sonic intensity. Benjamin combines digital sounds with occasional processed field recordings and subtle swells from the bass guitar, his main instrument, creating a well balanced contrast between organic and inorganic textures. The deep sub bass pulses, digital drones and high frequency melodic turns already present throughout the album have all been given further emphasis by the mastering treatment carried out by James Plotkin, whose previous clients have included: Sunn 0))), Earth, Nadja and Fennesz. Headphone listening especially recommended.


01. Anacrusis (pushing back)
02. Hovering Light
03. Duotone Pulse
04. Sense of Place
05. Interlude
06. Burning of Wine
07. Contoured Silhouettes
08. Succession
09. Exploding Into Space (hole in the sky mix)

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