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Cleanscreen — Meliza

You feel sad in the fall? Is fall for this? Carried away by a fairy tale ...
There was a girl called Meliza and she lived in a forest alone. In
that forest, besides her, there was a wolf. Meliza's imaginative mind
spawned a grandmother and she embarked on a journey to find her.

This is really one of the most musically pleasing stories about Little Red Riding Hood...
and let it all wrong in a fairy tale ... but this story has its own unique magic ....

We are glad to present you the new release and new artist ...
Cleanscreen – Meliza...
check it


1 Meliza - 6:57
2 Meliza Forest - 7:27
3 Meliza's Dream - 5:27
4 Meliza Wake Up - 4:52
5 Meliza's Morning - 6:41
6 Meliza Runaway - 5:46
7 Meliza Danger - 4:08
8 Meliza Crying - 4:22
9 Meliza Dies - 7:25

Artwork By - Afromation , Dvaine

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последний трек хорош!
но обилие одних и тех же 8битных битов делают релиз более скучным..

Не сказал бы что скучно, мне понравилось. Плюс бал за "концептуальность" и ещё один за артворк.