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Various Artists — Hope's Not Lost

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Various Artists — Hope's Not Lost

Yes, after closing down last year, we're back. We decided it was time to have fun again. Since we closed, the netlabel scene has changed a lot. The internet has changed a lot. Most of our favorite netlabels don't exist anymore. Everything has changed, for the better we think.

The thought of reopening occured to me in January 2010, after the haiti earthquake. As i stood helpless in front of my television screen, the way i envisioned to help was to make a compilation to raise awareness and funds for haiti. While that didnt turn out the way i wanted it to, i strongly and whole-heartedly advise you to go over to any of these fine establishements : Oxfam, Earthship, Google crisis response. If you think i'm missing some, please email me and i'll add them.

A slew of artists, new faces, old friends, have given their time to create these wonderful pieces for your enjoyment. Emanuele Errante, Makunouchi Bento, Casper, Evo Luthi, Shiftless, Kyle Dawkins, Ilkae, Muhr, Transient, Ian Hawgood, Nunu, Woodworkings, Hior Chronik & Logreybeam remind us all in their own way, hope's not lost.

artwork / photography by misspaq ( scroll down or download the zip for extended artwork )


01 - the sea by hior chronik
02 - sacred harp by kyle dawkins
03 - summer tapes II by ian hawgood
04 - the words we'll never know by casper
05 - story six : rain falls on by woodworkings
06 - rangefinder by ilkae
07 - wirlwind by makunouchi bento
08 - dog days by muhr
09 - escape from new york by logreybeam
10 - kimmidoll by nunu
11 - l'absente by evo luthi
12 - back to nowhere by emanuele errante
13 - final boarding call by shiftless
14 - casper by casper
15 - conditioning by transient

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