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Ilkae — Light Industry+

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Ilkae — Light Industry+

Изначально этот релиз был задуман как CDr-релиз и вышел еще пару лет назад тиражом в 200 копий.
Так же, на интернет-лейбле Monotonik выходила EP от Ilkae, посвященная выходу альбома.
Сегодня Light Industry+ можно скачать бесплатно на официальном сайте лейбла Eerik Inpuj Sound, для этого нужно указать минимальную цену за альбом в 0$.

All tracks written by A.Munson 2004-2010.
Tracks 2 and 9 feature additional hexadecimal wizardry by proswell.
Track 11 is a collaboration with Travis Stewart.
Recompiled and mastered in 2010 by Aaron Munson.
Artwork by Anna Belanger.
Visual post-production by Nate Reeves.
Dedicated to J+J Misra, Connor Kirby Long, Craig Jakubowski and Walter Carpenter.

The original light industry cd-r was released almost exactly two years ago. Like my previous self-released cd-r from 2004, this release was tinged with failure - a fact I subconsciously understood at the time, leaving me to keep the entire 8GB session files on my HDD for the inevitable revision. At the time, I was quite satisfied with the material - and the packaging and artwork was a noticeable step up from the stained glass pinata cd-r release. Although it was a run of 200 cd-rs, I never came close to selling this amount - primarily my own fault due to a lack of promotion and the absolute obsolescence of cd-rs in 2008. Approximately 100 copies were sold over the course of 18 months through inpuj.net; 80% of those occurring within 2 weeks of its release in July, 2008. The remaining 100 were sold at shows, given away to friends, or thrust upon bands whom I love as they passed through Montreal on tour. Where the failure component of the original release manifested itself was distribution. Hey Canada Post: Fuck You. I lost money on this release as a result of only 80-90% of packages mailed out reaching their destination (along with selling it for 12$). On several instances, friends on the west coast who had ordered the cd would not receive their copies until 3-5 weeks after being mailed, despite being sent priority airmail. On several occasions, I re-mailed discs out to people only to have the initial disc turn up a day or two later. Comically, these would occasionally arrive after the second set was mailed out. Copies sold to friends in my hometown of Ottawa would take 2-3 weeks to arrive. It's a two hour drive. On one tragic occasion, a set of 2 cd-rs sent to Japan was returned to me nine months(!) later, at my expense. Some people just straight up never received theirs and were either too shy or polite to mention it until months (or years) later. Despite the fact that 8-9 out of every 10 orders found their target destination, I consider this to be massive fail. It is primarily for this reason that the project of a full re-master and free re-release of light industry was undertaken. If you ordered a copy 2 years ago and never received it, this one's for you.

It may have been all for the best, mind you. This new edition has been completely rebuilt from the ground up using 32bit .wav files (both stems and masters), and also benefits greatly from my rapidly maturing proficiency in audio mastering. The original disc has been further expanded with the inclusion of two tracks which were omitted from the original release due to some stupid decision to make the album as depressing as possible (tracks 01, 07). Furthermore, the two B-sides included with the Lighter Industry EP released on monotonik [RIP] have been dusted off and reintegrated into the album. The end result of this labour is the longest ilkae LP to date, and one that I am absolutely proud to share with the world.

Where stained glass pinata+ dusted off teenage flights of fancy for the sake of posterity, this release accurately archives my first artistically mature period of solo work... and it is fresh.

Special thanks go out to coax, craque, and nkurence whose help in constructing this remaster+expansion was invaluable. This will likely be the last inpuj release for some time, as both proswell and I are facing imminent relocation to new places of residence.



01. other people (it's cold in here)
02. LSK+
03. amethyst
04. warm filaments
05. wolfram
06. esprit de corps
07. rangefinder
08. shutter
09. magnesium
10. the green spectrum
11. ah, the fire department! (feat. tstewart)
12. castle
13. endless bark
14. the light (sweden4)

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Заскучал на середине альбома, ожидал чего-то большего..