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Plastik Kettle — Smiles, Hearts and Stars

Who has never stopped in front of a piece of paper lost in thought?

Most of the time, one starts an incomprehensible scribbling, but sometimes, something happens:

The page reveals our subconscious and changes our fantasies and dreams into symbols. Distant constellations form strange figures, unknown faces move and smile at us and hearts drawn by childrens hands become red and start beating with our own heart.

We then wake up from our daydreams and our sheet is full of scribbles. Greeting the raising moon, we realize that the stars are still up in the sky and they steal a smile from us, moving us like children while our hearts beat a bit faster to remind us that we are alive.

Cover artwork by Vince Chui (http://www.kidchuckle.com)


1. Your Smile (5:10)
2. Analog Heart (5:09)
3. A Sweet Align Abduction (3:30)
4. Over the Stars (6:03)

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Весьма качественная подделка под Kraftwerk образца 80-х.