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Mensa — Moorland

«Dedicated to Andrea who walked that path with me.»

«'Moorland' is the outcome of a year living in Scotland. As part of Mensa project this album tries to descrive sonically my personal point of view of scottish landscape. The album is based on the idea of seeking a shared space in which sound composition and landscape can meet.

'A Drone That Grows As The Ferry Arrives' is a sonic experiment in which a drone is built according with a soundscape of a ferry arriving to the deck. The original soundscape was recorded at Mallaig, Scotland while waiting for the boat to Skye.

'Blackford Hill Quarry' is a sonic representation of a real space in Edinburgh in which the reverberation of the location is very particular. Blackford Hill Quarry is now abandoned.

'Glencoe' is a grandiloquent piece that wants to represent the scale of the Glencoe Valley juxtaposed with it's historical violent past.

And 'Moorland', the final piece is a farewell piece, a celebration of scottish moorlands, valleys and hills. Moorland is a track that flies over the territory, across mounts, trees and grass and panoramically descends to the North Sea and vanishes. The sound source for this last piece is an original recording of the sound that grass makes on a windy day.

Finally the whole album is my personal homage to Scotland and the territory in which I have lived for one year. Moorland is an emotional soundscape work, built to be a souvenir, and a gift at the same time.» - Edu Comelles

«'Moorland' has a sister EP called 'Braid Heritage' released some two weeks ago by the fantastic Resting Bell netlabel. This EP contains two extended versions of pieces that are released here as part of this album, 'Blackford Hill' and Hermitage of Braid. Be sure not to miss these two releases, and while you're at it, get the other two releases by Mensa from Resting Bell.» - Pedro Leitão

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