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Komatsu — Humano O Vegetal

Humano o vegetal is the ep that continues and ends the tour started with El suelo acercándose (avtheorem_020). Seven new passages through the unmistakable sound of the asturian producer Komatsu, about the natural hybridization of avant-techno and melodic IDM.

If with El suelo acercándose, we discovered a more powerful sound of Komatsu, in continuous dialogue with the glitch and in a most remarkable influence of techno and hip hop sounds, Humano o vegetal find the definitive consolidation of these developments and the perfect revision through 14 tracks and two ep's of the more precious timeless IDM in recent times.

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дослушиваю 4й трек, и убеждаюсь, что релиз слабый или просто унылый чтоли.
в начале 90х было бы нормально, думаю.