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Weldroid — Attitude Indicator

Weldroid is a Kahvi regular almost now - after appearing as guest artist in Wolandroids release a couple back, we now have an entire album for your listening pleasure! Attitude indicator is an evolution in the sound of Weldroid, some fairly glitchy and underground vibes mixed in with some excellent minimalistic beats.

The 15 tracks that make up this release (playing time around 1hr 20mins) are a vast array of different sounds, it sounds a lot like Weldroid was brainstorming the entire release and evolving the tracks, one from the previous. Some fantastic work, well thought out and produced.

Tracks of choice: Not every neuron, Tabby Cat, the oddly named Bonchida dreamin.

Another great release from Weldroid - lets hope we hear more from him again later this year!

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"Ninja Glasses" - хороша. Да и в целом интересно.

обложка приколная.
Ninja Glasses, действительно, хорош! В избранное.
Остальное просто послушал.