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Monokle & Galun — In Frame

«The first time I had been in contact with Russian producer Vladislav Kudryavtsev was when he asked me to release the MONOKLE debut LP "TESAURUS" with 12rec. Although all the quality was there I did not feel it suiting the label sound too good. Fortunately, the album found a proper home with ideology.de early in 2009.
When it turned 2010 Vlad was in contact again, this time pulling a collaboration LP with vocalist GALUN out of the magic hat. Sergey Galunenko aka GALUN is a former beatbox artist that moved from underground Rap to Pop, experimental Electronica and contemporary composition with stunning success. "IN FRAME" is the name of their red hot full-length as a duo - and this time I made sure to fix a release.

What we get to hear on "IN FRAME" is a mixture from Hip Hop beats, quixotic Pop melodies and precisely these mesmerizing Postrock motives I was fond of with "TESAURUS" already. The whole production is dense and warm and full of details and influences. Neo-Krautrock acts like Fujiya & Miyagi, To Rococo Rot or Caribou might spring in mind and especially in combination with GALUNs' decent vocal performance, the solo works of Thom Yorke have to be cited.

The frontcover comes from US-American collage artist Brandi Strickland. Laden with different textures and colour her Dada-inspired art is as lyrical as the music on "IN FRAME" is.»

<a href="http://12rec.bandcamp.com/album/in-frame">Happy Sun by 12rec</a>

1. Happy Sun 03:02
2. Colding 04:22
3. Two Times 05:00
4. Globus 04:01
5. Fine Care 03:54
6. Air Krispella 04:17
7. Crossed Fingers 03:36
8. Justalite 04:01
9. Get At Will 02:37
10. Long 04:30
11. Smolder 02:51
12. Means 04:17

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