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Syl Kougai — Metaswing

Коммерческий релиз

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Syl Kougai — Metaswing

Эксперимента ради и поддержания творчества интересных музыкантов, Concept Music публикует информацию об этом коммерческом релизе. Возможно, кому-то понравится музыка Syl Kougai и он сможет поддержать музыканта, купив его релиз. Никаких посредников.

Релиз доступен в форматах MP3/320kbps и FLAC.
Цена удовольствия 5 евро.

About Metaswing

Meta (from Greek: μετά) = It expresses, at the same time, reflection, change and succession, the act of going beyond, beside, between or with.

Swing = This term is used to describe the sense of propulsive rhythmic «feel» or «groove», especially when the music creates a visceral response such as feet-tapping or head-nodding.

«This album is exclusively distributed in digital version, on my website. More than a self-production, it is an anti-production by commitment against all the music business that has, over the years, stripped the work of artists of all substance for the sake of its own profit. Not only are the artists exploited – often excluded, but above all, the world is deprived of art. Creators work to bring sincerity, make sense and attempt to reach sublime. They deserve, by eliminating the middlemen, to be reconnected directly to their audience.»

<a href="http://sylkougai.bandcamp.com/album/metaswing">Atoll mécanique swing by Syl Kougaï</a>

1. Atoll mécanique swing 06:06
2. In a switch way 06:28
3. Speaking with metamachine 13:38
4. Cocolyte mécanique 03:19
5. Le vol de l'écorcheur 07:51
6. Ghost in the metamachine 14:40

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Очень надеялся, что трек OpVern попадет в альбом, ради которого я бы точно купил релиз.)