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Planet Boelex — Raja

“Many musicians defy musical convention. Very few can transport the listener beyond established boundaries without leaving them feeling lost. For six years, Planet Boelex has been creating music that is quite simply out of this world. So, it’s playfully fitting that ‘Raja’, this much anticipated EP from the Finnish musician, is a title that translates as ‘boundary’ or ‘limits’.

Over five elegant, entrancing tracks, ‘Raja’ has the capacity to transport you high above the clouds and hundreds of leagues below the surface of the ocean. It redefines melody, and somehow teases sublime sonic compositions from static.

This is organic electronica, underpinned by glitched beats that could come from chattering computers abandoned on a scrapheap. Planet Boelex spins on a slower axis this time around. The results, at times majestic and reflective, mournful and uplifting, bring lasting rewards to listeners old and new.” — Matt Whyman

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Симпатичненько все булькает и переливается, но слишком аморфно, уху не за что зацепиться. Протекает весь альбомчик насквозь, как вода через решето.

Planet Boelex в своем стиле - легкой меланхолии и грустной нежности...