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Various Artists — Echodub Loves. Volume 02

This album is the second in a series of releases that Echodub have put together to highlight some of the artists that we love.

We selected a number of artists, and asked them all to contribute to what we feel is a showcase of some of the most beautiful music coming from the deeper end of the dubstep, electronic and IDM genres.


01 Subreachers - "Memories Of Better Times"
02 Box Mouse - "5:37am Outside The Station"
03 Actraiser - "Imaginarium"
04 Egoless - "Back Home"
05 SvpremeFiend - "Prover"
06 Think - "All Wet"
07 SimonOff - "Trip To Luca"
08 Lurka - "Cosmic"
09 Tribal - "White Rain"
10 Vandera - "India Joya"
11 Lojik - "White Room"
12 Jas - "In A Heartbeat"
13 Dminus - "Ultramarine"

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Box Mouse — бьютифул ворк!!!

Я бы выделил "Trip To Luca". Накрученная и гипнотизирующая вещь.