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Bad Loop — Fragments

Bad Loop is finnish artist Petteri Karjalainen, who’s been making music since the early 90’s.
During all these years, he have established his very own, recognizable style where melodies
collide with lush pads in subtle ways, driven by the layered rhythms, all these blended together
form the Bad Loop sound. And close to five years have passed since the last release “Luo“,
which appeared on the One netlabel.

At the time being, the focus was on the idm flavored melodic downtempo material, while
the new EP titled “Fragments” takes a new, more edgy and slightly darker direction. Being
a more beat oriented and occasionally even hectic in tempo, compiled from tracks originally
designed for live performances. Developed and mangled further into a piece that captures
the essential vibe of a Bad Loop gig.

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