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Plico — I Miei Primi Passi

The new Plico EP could be interpreted as an invitation to imagery and the rediscovery of memories from our childhood. Sometimes these flashbacks may appear while walking through the park and hearing the happy screams and smiling faces of the children playing, or at the supermarket when the smells of freshly baked bread and coffee take us back to a happy place, looking back over old photographs takes us back in an instant to a time once forgotten.
Very often these memories help us escape the reality of a difficult life and help us rediscover our forgotten dreams..where the only rules are innocence and unconditional love.


1. Una Brezza d'Amore (4:27)
2. Osservando le Nuvole (4:36)
3. Il Profumo Degli Omogeneizzati Risveglia I Miei Ricordi (4:08)
4. I Miei Primi Passi (3:16)

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